About "Inhlonhla"

In Eswatini culture , Inhlonhla is a place where cattle are kept during trying times for fattening purposes. As cattle are a symbol of wealth in our culture, Inhlonhla as a company is driven by the desire to facilitate growing of wealth within eSwatini. We have been investing on behalf of eSwatini entities since 2004 and we excel on building value value over the medium to long term without taking undue risks. By the end of 2018, Inhlonhla advised on the largest portion of retirement fund assets held domestically, a position we intend to hold on to as the premier advisor in the local market. Throught out our history, we have been able to deliver returns for our clients over the long term at lower-than average risk of loss.

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We Invest In
Inhlonhla Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We advise local institutions, retirement funds, co-operatives and high-net-worth individuals ongrowing their wealth within Eswatini.

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Inhlonhla Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

We identify, invest and manage in high quality private investments and assets on behalf of our clients.

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Inhlonhla Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Inhlonhla helps clients create value through selective and quality investments.

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