Investment Advisory Services

Inhlonhla offers innovative and alternative client-focused investment solutions with a sole focus on helping Swazi institutions to invest in Eswatini. Our advisory services are not restricted to institutional investors but extend to individual investors who are seeking to grow their investment and wealth.

At Inhlonhla , our  specialized team offers  personalized service that are  tailored to the  circumstances of our clients, investment objectives, risk threshold and expectations on projected return.


Fixed Income

Inhlonhla focuses mostly on acquisition of medium-term debt instruments including Government Bonds and also looks at medium-term debt stock to local quality companies.

Our philosophy is absolute returns and projects that create value for our clients.


Portfolio management

Inhlonhla helps clients create value through selective and quality investments in the acquisition of long-term equity positions, within the Kingdom of Eswatini.

We are entirely focused on absolute opportunities and identify sectors with a comparative advantage hence our focus on key economic sectors which include Property, Financial Services, Transport, Agriculture, and Manufacturing .