Inhlonhla (PTY) LTD is a duly registered and regulated investment advisory company that was incorporated in 2004.
Inhlonhla helps clients create value through selective and quality investments in the acquisition of long term equity positions within Swaziland.
When you approach Inhlonhla for investment advice our experienced officers will review the information you have regarding your financial situation to establish where you are now and where you want to go. Thereafter they will work with you to prioritise your objectives and review the problems and opportunities facing you before making recommendation to you on a viable investment path to follow.
Inhlonhla identifies sectors with a comparative advantage with a focus on identifying local opportunities that match our clients risk profile whilst enhancing shareholder value.
Inhlonhla offers innovative and alternative client focused investment solutions with a sole focus on helping Swazi Institutions to invest in Swaziland. Our service offerings include • Investment advisory services • Portfolio management • Fixed Income
Advisors work with a team of certified financial planners and chartered financial analysts and make informed recommendations to clients. Financial advisors protect you from making emotional or ill informed decisions when approaching the investment arena. As part of its pledge to make your advisory experience worthwhile Inhlonhla calls in specialists that are trained to maneuver with deliberation through the increasingly complex financial markets.
At Inhlonhla our advisory services are not restricted to institutional investors but extend to individual investors who are seeking to grow their investment and wealth. We help people from numerous industries however we have more recently specialized in helping those in the listed industries. • Real estate • Financial services • Transport • Agriculture and manufacturing.
Inhlonhla is a fee based investment advisor, each investment advisor pays a fee based on the amount of assets under management. Our advisors are independent and primarily provide fee based investment management. We derive income from the financial planning fees as well as investment management fees